Saturday, April 4, 2015

Review: Mission A7000

‘Mission A7000’ opens with a dark figure locked in a basement in a rainy night in a remote European location. Dogs barking outside, a bunch of machine gun wielding masked guards patrolling the area. It’s a saucy opening, heavy on atmosphere and intrigue. It turns out to be a perfect calm before the storm because utter mayhem breaks out in a matter of minutes, and the dark figure from the basement escapes captivity in a grand manner.

Full of thrills, mystery, snazzy gadgets and exploding chopppers Mission A7000 is like a Tom Clancy book. The protagonist Louis is a young college kid and also a tech prodigy who is sucked into a gigantic government conspiracy because he somehow gets his hands on classified information on his phone. Louis is on the run throughout the movie, zooming from the streets of Bombay to the bylanes of Istanbul to the dunes of Arabia. Pursuing him is a mysterious figure called Blackcat, a seemingly special ops personnel gone rogue, operating outside the jurisdiction of government officials.  Blackcat’s face is never revealed until the end of the film, so the filmmakers throw us a bunch of red herrings along the way.

Majority of the movie is Louis running around, using his gadgets and know how to uncover the mystery at hand. There’s a great one take scene where Louis and Blackhat spar each other at an abandoned building, one chasing the other wherever the advantage lies. As ridiculous as the ‘high concept’ style of the film sounds, the film also shoehorns in a heartfelt love story between Luois and a sultry French woman who calls herself Vek whom he meets in Istanbul. Surprisingly, the love story actually adds some gravitas to the plot rather than a side track. The most interesting part of the film, however, is not the conspiracy involving a major tech corporation but the brain hacking concept reminiscent of Minority Report. Mission A7000 takes the concept to a further level and the results are a ton of fun. 

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