Thursday, December 19, 2013

Man of Steel Blu Ray

Man of Steel had a tough tightrope to walk. It had to beat the candyfloss nature of 80’s and 90’s blockbuster cinema, and transcend the overload of the modern dark gritty origin story and the humanization of the superhero. The only solution to this problem was by pairing Nolan and Snyder, and when the film hit theaters it worked on some insane level, because Nolan excels at constructing superheroes by stripping away their morality and immortality, and Snyder is the master of deconstructing the superhero genre.

The new Superman story needed to lose its red underwear without becoming an all too serious and depressing guilt ridden drama. It did get polarizing reviews with in my honets opinion it was pretty much the best possible Superman movie you could get in this day and age.

Six months after its theatrical release the film arrives on DVD and Blu Ray with some interesting goodies. Whatever you say about the wanton destruction found in the final act, you cannot fault the film’s imagery and its brought out to glorious detail in 1080p. The handheld camerawork really shines on Blu Ray and the fight sequences become much more vivid and clear in the transfer. The post converted 3D nearly killed the movie but it’s really a pleasure to watch the movie in gorgeous 2D on your TV. The colours, textures and audio are absolutely top notch, giving you as close a cinema experience as possible.

The extra features include a segment that runs for half an hour and delves into how the movie tried to put a new spin on the myth of the Superman – it’s fun for those who liked the film and there’s even Michael Shannon in on the footage. One other segment features the stuff that went into the creation of the action in the film. That part is a bit of a mixed bag because it gives you details on the stunts and not so much on the incredible CGI shown in the film. There is actually a five minute long segment called Krypton Decoded and another one called Planet Krypton that wafts over the work that went into the prologue. Those not interested in the CGI can check out the animated short that commemorates Superman’s 75th year. The most interesting featurette is a commentary on the second disc that runs about three hours and takes you behind the scenes of the production, sadly without giving you any info on the 2015 Superman-Batman film.

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